When you’re looking for a cattery for your favourite furry friend, you want to find somewhere that feels like home – and at The Paddocks we have all of the amenities you would expect plus some that you wouldn’t!

Our purpose-built cat hotel is fully insulated and double glazed and offers the highest standard of hygiene to provide your cat with a stress-free, relaxing, safe holiday environment to ensure your pet is safe and happy at all times.

All of our rooms are light and airy and have wonderful views of tranquil paddocks, grazing horses and a pond inviting local wildlife. Each room has a raised bedroom area and a variety of comfortable beds to satisfy even the fussiest of sleepers.

An assortment of climbing towers, hammocks and hiding places are available to keep your pet entertained and a TV will play cat friendly entertainment to keep your pet stimulated during their stay. Heating and removable glazing can acclimatise rooms to accommodate all weather conditions.

With your permission, photos of your pet enjoying their stay can be added to our Facebook and Instagram sites and each room also has its own webcam so that you can check in and say a virtual hello whenever you like.

the paddocks luxury cat hotel room
the paddocks luxury cat hotel room
webcam view of a room in the Paddocks Luxury Cat Hotel

What Sets Our Cat Rooms Apart

In addition to climbing towers and sunbathing shelves, a variety of toys and playthings are provided to enrich your pets stay. You will be invited to hand pick your pets toys from a selection we have available, based on their preferences when you check-in.

Each room also has its own TV screening cat-friendly entertainment, speakers playing relaxing sounds and looks out on a beautifully landscaped garden.

A minimum twice daily room service is provided in addition to constant checks to ensure every cat is happy and relaxed. Additional blankets and cushions are available at your request.

You are also welcome to bring guests their own blankets with you so that they have a familiar smell in their room.

All of our rooms are fitted with their own webcam to allow you to observe your pet while they are holidaying with us. If you take advantage of the webcams please ensure the microphone is turned off as it scares the guests. If the microphone is used, the webcam will be disabled to ensure the happiness of all of our guests.

You should see a member of staff in attendance from 7 am until 7 pm. They will obviously not be with your pet for the whole of that time but you can be assured that there is always someone in attendance and your cat will receive a minimum of twice daily room services during the working day.

If your pet has any particular medication needs, the visits could be more often than that. Please don’t worry if you can’t see your pet, they could simply be sleeping a lot in the cosy bedroom area or under a shelf!