Your loved one’s happiness, nourishment, comfort and entertainment during their stay is very important to us and we will accommodate any requests to ensure your pets every need is met.

You know your pet better than anybody else which is why it is essential that you can pick and choose what suits your cat best.

It’s our goal when you cat is staying with us at The Paddocks Luxury Cat Hotel to make sure that they are safe, looked after and most of all happy! We take looking after your cat as seriously as we would looking after our own animals, and we understand that every cat is different in their own way. 

We like to get to know the cat from it’s owner so that we know of any little thing that may affect their stay with us, and we spend time with each cat during their stay to give them the time and the attention that they are used to. 

We truly believe that we provide the highest care for all of our guests and we hope that our many great testimonials and 5 star reviews from both Google and Facebook testify to this.

The Paddocks Luxury Cat Hotel – not your standard cattery!

Included in our daily rates are Felix Adult, Whiskas Adult, Sheba Adult, Gourmet Perle Adult and Felix Kitten wet food, and Go Cat Adult, Whiskas Adult  and Whiskas Kitten dry food. We also serve warm roast chicken as an option for Sunday lunch

Should your cat require a Prescription diet please bring this with you.

There is no additional charge for administering medication and we are happy to accept cats that are on routine medication provided their medical condition is stable.

Please ensure you bring all medication with you and that there are adequate supplies for the duration of your pet’s stay.

Daily grooming, play sessions and cuddles are provided in abundance.

We have a close relationship with Ribble Veterinary Practice and reserve the right to request a full clinical examination if we feel that your cat is unwell whilst in our care (please refer to our terms and conditions).

However, it is an advantage, particularly if your cat has an established medical condition, for us to contact your regular veterinary surgeon in the event of any problem, as they will hold details of any relevant past medical history.

All caring and conscientious cat owners will appreciate the value of full medical insurance cover for their cat.

Please ensure that you give us details for use in the unlikely event of any problems whilst you are away. We also have insurance, offering you ultimate peace of mind.
During their stay with us, your cat is insured for any new medical problems that may arise. The maximum amount we can claim per cat is set each year by the insurers; anything over this amount (which should be unlikely) and any claim rejected by the insurers will have to be paid by yourself.

Existing complaints are not covered under this insurance. We will ask you, on your first visit, to give us the authorisation to contact the vet in case of an emergency.

We have sufficient space to enable you to leave your travel baskets with us for the duration of your pets stay, should you wish.